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Accessibility for Virtual Classrooms

This course addresses creating accessible instructional materials for online classrooms, including common content issues, readability, and universal design for learning principles to maximize accessibility to accommodate all students.

14 Reviews

Accessibility Fundamentals for the Web

This course provides a high-level overview of general accessibility principles as well as guidelines, the disabilities that accessibility benefits, legal implications, and assistive technologies.

57 Reviews

Analytics Fundamentals for the Web

Get a high-level overview of general web analytics principles and measurement, including key terms, the importance of web analytics, and how to use web analytics effectively.

17 Reviews

Digital Governance Basics with Lisa Welchman

The first module of our 7 module course: Managing Chaos: Digital Governance with Lisa Welchman. Siteimprove Customers can access the full version of the course.

1 Reviews

SEO Fundamentals

This course introduces key goals and activities necessary to be effective at SEO as you compete to improve your organic presence.

14 Reviews

Web Fundamentals: Accessibility, Analytics, and SEO

Our three Fundamentals courses, each with an estimated duration of 60 Minutes

7 Reviews
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